Roof Love

Thank you to Ryan for blogging it up last night as I was not much more than a pile of chills, aches, and fever. Today was a imagesvery happy love day though. Soleil and I had a coffee shop date and got to put in some serious play hours in the afternoon. I was also able to sneak in a chat with Matt Parks of Hewn, Inc. about our eventual metal roof. Why I had not considered metal roofing to be available in a MULTITUDE of colors I do not know, but man does this get the brain all jumbled (again). Currently, our containers are a sort of brick red. We will be sealing them, but this sealant can have just about any color added to it. I must say the copper color roof was pretty dang pretty. Now what colors go nicely with copper?…

We were hoping to be a bit further along with finishing the foundation, but Mother Nature has not so gently forced us to take a couple days off. As challenging as our jam packed days can be, these past two days at home showed us that jam packed actually isn’t so bad. Our life, currently, is beyond exhausting, but it’s also a bit of an adrenaline rush. We do value our down time, but it’s pretty rad to honor the insanity as well!

Hope your day has been filled with sweetness. If it hasn’t yet, there’s time still time to single handedly devour an entire chocolate bar. Off to do just that, good night!


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