RE – bar

P1040460So today I re-cut the rebar for our sonotubes. When I ordered them the other day and cut them all up I realized that Carolina Concrete had P1040466delivered #4… the wrong size. Thankfully Carolina Concrete is a reliable company and took responsibility for bringing me the wrong size. They switched them out for me but I had still waisted all that time cutting. Oh bother. Thankfully today I had the time to cut up the #5 rebar and twist-tie them all to the rebar I had drilled and epoxied into the sonotube footers. I also bought two ladders… an articulating ladder and an A-frame ladder. These will help with lifting the sonotubes up and over the rebar tomorrow morning.

We are having the sonotubes and the CMU wall inspected tomorrow and have already set up the concrete truck for Monday morning. We will P1040464be filling these cinder blocks and sonotubes with 7 yards (one full concrete truck) of standard 3000psi CMU concrete mix. We will have a concrete truck here and a pump-trailer to pump the concrete up and into the holes in the top of the wall and into the sonotubes.

Bunk-Beds-2On another more playful note we were given a steel industrial ladder today which I hope to incorporate into Soleils bunk bed somehow! I really like the idea of having bed’s hanging with ropes in the air. Here are some more AWESOME bunk bed ideas for your review –

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