Wet Paper? SUCCESS!

P1040476Last night I left all our important paperwork for the house outside on the back of my car…… aaaaaaaand it rained. I found the folder soaked this morning and kind of freaked out. We laid it all out with paper-towels and the fan on and at this point most of it is dry. Oh well… roll with the punches. On 2 the next thing… inspection.

P1040479APPROVED! Our foundation was approved by the city and our engineer this afternoon. We are good 2 go for the concrete pour on Monday… tomorrow and Sunday will consist of bracing up the sonotubes like crazy and making sure they are in EXACTLY the right places.

DETAILS: The sonotubes are sitting on footers with two 6″ holes drilled in each one and two pieces of 36″ rebar epoxied into each hole. Then more #5 rebar extending up to the top of each sonotube and tied to the epoxied pieces sticking up from the footer. P1040471This creates continuous rebar the length of each sonotube which will connect them to the footers once we fill them with concrete. These two pieces of rebar have to be 2″ away from the edges of each of the sonotubes from the bottom all the way up in order to meet “CODE”. Thus today consisted of putting the sonotubes up and over the rebar and then measuring, bending, measuring, repeat until each piece of rebar is 2″ or more away from the edge of the sonotubes. P1040472Lots of ladder climbing and measuring later I was ready for the inspector.

What a long day… time for sleep as tomorrow will be much longer I presume.


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