Dilemmas and Dumpsters

Let’s start with a more minor dilemma…one that you creative readers may be able to help us out with. I believe you all are familiar with what the doors to the shipping containers look like. If not, it goes a little something like this: 20ft-door-closed-vector-color-beige1

So, if you can imagine, one of our shipping containers will be cut in half. This means that one of these 1/2’s will contain the doors and the other will not. If possible, we would love to preserve the doors, using them in some aspect of the home. Most likely, this container will be positioned so that it is the front/left portion of the home, containing the master bedroom. We want windows where the doors are, so more than likely, they’ll be removed. Some people leave them as “shutters,” allowing you to open and close them as desired. Although snazzy, we’re just not convinced on the practicality rating of that idea. One of our tops thoughts right now is to use each side as a sliding door for two of the bedrooms. They’re just so friggin’ heavy, this might not really be feasible. Ryan thinks we should use them to help fill in the back of the home (creating a decent sized crawl space between the sonotubes and foundation wall). If anyone has ideas, start throwing ’em!

In other news…Ryan and his dad pulled a LONG day trying to figure out the bracing of the sonotubes. It was a day of obstacles and frustration, but they’re going to give it another shot tomorrow.P1040482

The boys also put it some serious dumpster diving time. They got a ton of piping (which we will use for radon ventilation) and wood.P1040488


At the bottom of the dumpster, they found this old thing:



And turned it into this new thing!


7 thoughts on “Dilemmas and Dumpsters

  1. Search Cove Park in Scotland. They uses the door for a divider or a little deck. Off the master bedroom.

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