1st Window

Today started with snow and ended with cutting the first hole out of our containers. We cut out the guest bathroom window and put in the frame. The 60ft of extension cord would not power the plasma cutter correctly and after spending a while confirming this, I cut the rest of the hole out with my grinder. The frame fit perfectly on the left and right side but the corrugation messed up our cutting line and so we have some gaps in the top and bottom which we will fill. Now we know we must measure from the top down and bottom up for every valley in the corrugation so we get the horizontal lines precise. We also know we need a generator. Fun. Another expense we were not planning on. Guess thats just part of building a home!


4 thoughts on “1st Window

  1. I’ve been researching container houses also. I have a question about sealing the frame to the container. How do you seal it so no water comes behind the frame into the inside, especially on the top with the corrugated pattern? Secondly, for your frame, was it just basic angle iron?

    1. On the top and the sides we will be MIG welding a continuous weld on the outside. We will caulk the bottom outside of the window frame and we will also caulk all around the frame on the inside. For the window frames we used 2″x3″ angle iron.

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