This Is An Exciting One!

We’ve been keeping a secret. Not because we wanted to, just because the details were getting a bit ironed out. But now, it is with great excitement that we let you all know the following: Months ago, we were contacted by an amazing film company that was interested in our story and what the heck we were up to. After a few meetings, they decided they wanted to follow us and we decided it might be kind of fun to be followed. So, as we’ve been facing the elements, putting in long hours, and scrambling to figure out how to build a freakin’ house, Chris Zaluski (documentarian extraordinaire) has been been working right alongside.

We do hope you will enjoy this “teaser”….stay tuned, there’s much more to come.


4 thoughts on “This Is An Exciting One!

    1. Hello Vivien. Brook’s writing is to thank for the documentary. The film maker contacted us after reading an article written by Brook about our home. He was so impressed that he wanted to film a documentary on us! The rest is history.

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