It’s 9:15 and my work day has just come to a close. My hopes are for a semi-coherent post…

The summary of our container scerfuffle is this: the general consensus has been that when making cuts in containers, you sure as hell better brace like mad. This is because the metal can bend, twist, collapse, etc.. All of our builder buddies have agreed, yes, brace, brace well. Our engineer, however, holds strongly to the belief that no, not needed, completely unnecessary. The windows that we’ve cut so far, have received no bracing and are fine. What we’re talking about is the big cut, the container that will be sliced in half. Acquiring the bracing materials and compensating our welder means money money. But, not bracing, and ending up with a bum container means MONEY MONEY MONEY. Ryan says he will have an anxiety-induced heart attack if we hold our breath, don’t brace, and hope to goodness that nothing bends. Neither of us are huge fans of heart attacks, so, bracing it is.

In this world, we pay our professionals generously and often hold them in high esteem. Although it is important to trust their judgement and expertise, it is also important to not stop using your own brain and intuition. This has been a hard one for us, because we really love our engineering team. But we trust our guys with their hands in the dirt–the ones that work with metal and on construction sites daily. We could definitely be wasting our dollars, but piece of mind is worth a lot more.

Prediction for on site container placement…dun da da daaaaaa…March 14. And, framing to begin April 1st. We’re cruising along, glad you’re all still with us!

I’m so glad we’re only using two…





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