The Daily Grind

Hey there! So, the plan today was for Ryan and Jason (our welder) to pick up steel from AMC, then brace and cut the currently window-less container in half. Well, AMC had ordered the wrong size steel so the guys made a graceful move to plan b. What they did instead, was cut out the third and final window for the to-remain-intact 40 foot container. They also continued to grind and prime its rust spots. The correct steel should be in tomorrow morning so in preparation they marked out the half-mark on the container to be sliced and cut out the steel c-beam in the flooring at that same half-way mark.

Today was the first day cutting out windows with a plasma cutter as opposed to a grinder and it was significantly more difficult, time consuming, and incredibly less precise. Easy enough lesson. From now on, all cuts will be done with the grinder. It takes about one blade (aprrox. $1.50 each) per window.

photo 1photo 2








photo 3photo 4


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