photo 2Side of C beam under floor... after grinding free

So we decided to make the frames inside the container we are going to cut in half. Though this will cost around $400 we believe it is worth the insurance. We want to make sure that when we cut the container in half, drag it onto the roll-off trailer, and crane it onto the foundation it does not go off of center or 90 degrees.

Yesterday AMC steel ordered the wrong size steel for our frames and today it did not get in until 1pm! Luckily I had a task that took up most of the morning anyway… go figure the half way point on the container happened to be exactly in the middle of one of the steel C beams holding up the floor. I spent 3-4 hours grinding through this thing on either end and cutting through the screws that hold the floor to it (or in this case hold it up to the floor). I finally got the last screw out and the C beam dropped to the ground below.

As soon as I got the C beam cut free, the steel arrived for the frames. Jason (our welder) and I cut the beams to size with the grinder and MIG welded them into place on all four sides inside the container. We welded them inside the corrugation against the top and bottom container beams and then over the floor to each-other. The last steps are bolting 4′ pieces of angle iron at 45 degree angles to the horizontal and vertical pieces in all 4 corners of each of the frames. Then cutting through the container on all three sides. Wish us luck!

frames3bottomMIG welding framesgrinding framestop


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