Now We Have THREE!

grinding framesphoto 1photo 2

Today consisted of a LOT of grinding… some drilling, and a bit of welding. We started by cutting 3ft. sections of angle iron  and drilling holes through them and the 1/4″ frame to bolt them @ 45 degree angles into the corners. The finished two rectangular frames (one on each side of the 1/2 way mark where we cut the container in half) consisted of angle iron along the top; sides; and bottom of the container, welded to the containers frame (see yesterdays post) to hold the container @ 90 degrees. photo 3We did not want the container to turn into a parallelogram when we cut through the frame and chopped the 40ft. container in half!

We put another set of braces in to prevent this parallelogram disaster. #4 rebar. I had to have four 12ft. lengths to reach from corner to corner on each frame, so I drove 20ft. rebar down the highway strapped to the side of my truck this morning as I do not have a rack on the truck. Fun!

photo 1photo 2The next step (after bolting in the 45 degree corner angle iron) was to MIG weld in the rebar from left top corner to right bottom corner and vice-versa for each frame.  We welded the heck out of it because we only had a generator running 7500Watts through 120V power for the MIG.

photo 4 photo 5After welding this REDICULOUS frame together for the end of each 20-footer, we cut the container in half starting with the walls. We decided we would use the grinders and metal cut-off blades to chop the entire thing in half as they seemed to be faster and cleaner then the plasma-cutter! 10 disks later we had three containers! The braces held and they are now ready to be crane-lifted onto our foundation! Finished product… two 90 degree 20ft. shipping container halves, each with rigid frames bracing them on the chopped ends. We will be welding both of these chopped ends to the other 40ft container within the next week!

On top of that Brook picked up 4 gallons of our exterior paint color (suspense as she will post a picture of the color tomorrow)… and I went out 2 pick up a FULL truckload of wooden and metal (OLD SCHOOL) kitchen cabinets before dinner (suspense once again as we will post those tomorrow as well). photo 4photo 5photo 1

EXHAUSTED does not quite cut it…  and on that note… GOODNIGHT.

2 thoughts on “Now We Have THREE!

  1. I have been following your container home blogs and postings with great interest. I hope to build a vacation home for my husband. He bought me a grinder for Christmas! I was very pleased to see your comments about the advantage of using a grinder over using a plasma cutter. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yay! The grinder is one of my favorite power tools so far 🙂 Thanks for following and for the encouragement! Best of luck with your vacation home plans.

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