Speed Bumps

Five hours of container work accomplished, one Yoga class taught, and one massage provided. The day has been plenty full. We hit two bumps today when first our orbital sander decided it was done and then our heat gun technique for sticker removal turned into a painstakingly long process. New sander purchased, problem number one solved. Tomorrow morning I will purchase an industrial strength solvent to help with the stickers, hopefully problem number two solved.

Though relatively minor, these two blips did set us back. So, the revised schedule is to completely sand, prime, paint, cut out all windows and doors, and install all or almost all metal window frames by Sunday evening. The transportation truck and crane have been set up for Monday morning.

I think we only briefly mentioned our amazing free cabinet find (well done Ryan!). They are bumped, bruised and in need of much love, but we can tell they hold a lot of potential. We have not taken exact measurements, but we may have nearly all of the lower and upper shelving we will need for the kitchen. This is wonderful because cabinets and shelving are caraaaazy expensive. We’ll get to work on them soon and provide you, hopefully, with some amazing before and after pics.

Stay tuned!!



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