Hello everyone… Ryan typing tonight.

photo 1  photo 3 Today we spent the day calculating, peeling stickers, sanding, and priming the containers. Brook painted the window frames and found out that industrial oil enamel paint is very hard to remove from hands/cloths. We love the color we chose (even though it is much brighter then we expected), and were VERY excited to paint the containers!

photo 4photo 2The weather man says tomorrow it’s supposed to rain. We found this out after starting to cut out the 24ft wall of the 40ft. container. We are saving the rest of that job until Thursday. Instead I duct taped the cuts we made and plastic over the window holes. Tomorrow will consist of ordering metal from the metal yard and praying that Mother Nature gets all the rain out of her system before Monday! I also met with the crane driver today on our property and discussed the process. He says it should be no problem to lift the containers onto the foundation and get the truck in and out of our front yard as long as it is BONE-DRY. Thus praying for no rain on the weekend or Monday when we have the crane scheduled to lift the containers onto our foundation.

We have a LOT more sanding, priming, cutting, welding, and painting to do before hand… this weekend is going to be one hell of a busy one! Wish us luck! Goodnight.

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