A Pause

I know you’re all wondering what amazing thing I accomplished today. I’ll give you a hint…it took about 3 hours, it was super easy, and it will help a ton with the rest of this week’s tasks. I napped. Hardcore. It was quite simply, amazing.

We have some wild winds blowing in, so Ryan is boarding up the container windows. His back is thrown out pretty bad so we’ll see how that, plus weather, plus minor setbacks affects our container delivery date. Currently, it is this coming Monday, however later in the week might be when it really all goes down. Or goes up and then goes down.

This evening, our sweet Soleil is living it up with her grandparents and we are about to share a meal prepared and delivered by our loving friend. The combo of knowing our little one is in hog heaven and that we don’t have to cook dinner is just almost too much.

Have a splendid evening!

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