Ryan here… wrapping up the day with a post.

photo 2Today was a full day of griding off paint, cutting out window holes, welding in frames, and priming.  Jason and I got two operable windows in place today; the one for our guest bedroom, and the one for our master bedroom. While marking the picture window’s position and the operable windows position on the container, we realized that the cuts would only be 1 and 1/2 inches apart. Once double checking this we decided that they simplest and best thing to do would be to add an extra foot to the bedroom and reduce the size of the walk in closet from 9ft. to 8ft. This added on six inches to the separation… more then enough.

14While grinding away some of the metal, the grinder wheel with dread locked steel threads  around it hit the top of my hand. I looked down and instantly saw the top of my glove SHREDDED. I thought it might have done the same thing to my hand and threw off the glove to find I simply had a flesh wound. Thank GOD for gloves!


Another funny thing we discovered today… the paint we got is NOT the paint swatch we ordered. We will be approaching Sherwin-Williams tomorrow so they can tweak it a bit back over to the color we asked for. Here is the difference… see what you think and tell us… do you like the color on the left or right?


Oh and PS. – We have not done our floors yet… but here is some AWESOME information about floors from a fellow container home blogger! Check it out:

“After a lot of research, I decided to seal the plywood with epoxy.  In theory, the epoxy should be both a physical and vapor barrier to the chemicals.  The epoxy I chose to use was Low V from Progressive Epoxy Polymers.  Progressive is not a big company, but they have a good reputation among the boat building community.  They offer a wide range of high quality epoxies for a very reasonable price.  Low V is a solvent free, 100% solids epoxy that they recommend for penetrating and sealing wood surfaces.  The only reservation they had with me using this, or any other epoxy, is that it might not bond to the wood due to the pesticides or any oil staining.  BTW, there is an absolute wealth of information about epoxies on their website – IF you can navigate through the poor design of their site.

Before applying the epoxy, I chose to solvent wash the floors with 91% isopropyl alcohol.  I did this to remove any surface chemicals or oils that would prevent the epoxy from penetrating and adhering to the wood.  I used about one gallon of isopropyl per container to wash the floors.  Be sure to have plenty of ventilation if you attempt this, as the alcohol vapors can be strong.  You will also need to choose your mop carefully, as two different mops that I tried came apart in the isopropyl in short order.

Dried epoxy on plywood floor

Dried epoxy on plywood floor

I applied two separate coats of epoxy to the plywood using a paint roller on an extension pole.  The first/primer coat was thinned with 25% Xylene to aid in penetrating the plywood floor.  The second coat was applied full strength a week later.  It takes several hours to dry to the touch depending on the temperature, and after the second coat it dries to a very hard, almost wet looking smooth finish.  I doubt anything of significance is going to get through that epoxy.” – http://www.tincancabin.com/2010/09/the-floor-dilemma/

We have not done our floors yet… but will probably follow the steps above when we are ready!


3 thoughts on “+1ft.

  1. I voted for the darker, greener color. But since we’re looking at MORE FREAKIN’ SNOW tomorrow, that may just be my psychological yearning for spring to get here already… sigh. Also, I vote that your next pair of gloves be made ENTIRELY of leather rather than just finger tips and strips. Worth their weight in gold, dude…

    Really enjoying reading the daily updates 🙂

    Tracey in VA

  2. Ryan, thanks for your comment about the floor! I will try to do the same. I enyoy too with all your apports!!

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