Your Turn!

Hey party people! This one’s coming at you a little earlier than most because this evening we’ll be focusing on our submission to the Holcim Foundation.

I believe some of you know this, but not all…

This little blog started really as a more personal way of keeping tabs on the day to day happenings of our project. The intention has always been to snag a few minutes at the end of each day to highlight an accomplishment, a fail, some splash of inspiration. And all of this has been in the hopes of creating a beautiful, inspiring book that not only chronicles our personal home-building journey, but also provides useful information for anyone interested in embarking on one of their own.

We could not have anticipated what this blog has attracted. AMAZING readers (that’s you), constructive debates and conversations, interview opportunities, a documentary, and so much more.

The book started out as me and Ryan’s vision, but now with so many loyal followers, we want to hear from you. From what you know about what we’re doing, what are the aspects you would love captured in book form? Would you want it heavier on story/humor/personality or informative/instructional/how-to-ish. Any aspects you would like us to describe more in depth? Do you have a favorite book pertaining to home-building, resourcefulness, DIY world? Any suggestions, big or small will be so helpful as we begin to so sort and sift through months of notes and as we continue on in the ever-evolving process of completing our home within time and budget constraints.

Thank you in advance, ya’ll are the best!


2 thoughts on “Your Turn!

  1. “The Barn House” by Ed Zotti. A great informative book about renovating a large Victorian in Chicago. He has a good sense of humor about the process including dealing with local building codes and inspectors, and local neighborhood people.

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