The Daily Blip

Hello all! Lately I feel I am offering you mere blips as opposed to full blogs, but the pace of progress is currently whirlwind and keeping us running in about 10 different directions at once. As always, feel free to ask questions, throw in opinions, so on and so forth.

Ryan will pretty much take off the rest of the week from work in order to complete as much off-site container work as possible. Remember, the MAIN reason we have had the containers off site was so that they could be completely level while we cut one in half and began cutting windows and doors out of both. Everything else has just been a bonus and we are so grateful that we were offered this spot to carry out our work.

Today I called the head of customer service at ZIM’s location in Norfolk, VA.. I warned her that my question was a bit odd and then proceeded to ask her for three ZIM logo stickers that we may place on the three exterior container walls of our ZIM shipping container home. Fingers crossed…

Two days until the big arrival!! OOOOO, butterflies.


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