Ryan here; exhausted.

photo 3We got our shims today… yeah… metal shipping container shims. Turns out that the 1/4″ plates we wet-set into the concrete after pouring the sonotubes and block wall full were not all completely level. When we laser-leveled them they were between .25″ and 2.5″ off. This means we needed over $200 worth of shims to put between these plates and the containers. Yet another unexpected expense. Fun. They arrived today and after putting them in place we laser-leveled again… PERFECT. Our home will be level! Yay! Worth the money for sure.

On another note we finished De-constructing the sonotube bracing today and peeled away the remainder of the sonotubes. We now have solid concrete pillars ready for shipping containers! photo 1Soleil was such a huge help with the De-construction. She carried a good majority of the wood from the job site up the hill to the wood pile. What an awesome helper! She also shoveled some dirt… just cuz.

Jason and I welded continuous welds along the top, left, and right sides of two of our window frames today as well. We decided that this is not the way 2 go after inhaling WAY 2 much melted paint/metal fumes through the masks. It took us about 4 hours per window which is WAY too much time/money to be spending on this one step. We will be determining another method for filling the top/sides of the windows and door cut into the containers at a later date but Bondo, metal epoxy filler, and silicone are all options on the table at this point.

photo 5On a final note we now have a new color paint! At the moment we just have a swatch of it… but it is the tall center color in the middle for your review 😉

Thanks for reading! Type to you tomorrow!


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