Is holy shitballs an appropriate term to use on this blog? That about sums it up. Ryan claims this has been one of the best days of his life. Yep. It is was a good one.

So let’s get to it.

The fit was, how should I say…like a glove. After some stop sign and mailbox removal, the truck and the crane were in and photo 5(1)settled.

Soon after, the heavy lifting began…

photo 2(2)




We had an absolutely unbelievable crew working and cheering us on today. We were well prepared and about as ready as we could be for the gigantic task at hand.

I anticipated this to be a lengthy post, filled with blips, bumps and lessons learned the hard way. But, I’m happy to say, it all went incredibly smooth and amazingly well.

I think Soleil had fun taking it all in…

photo 1(4)

So, we present, the before:

photo 1(3)








And the after:

photo 5(2)







We love our family. We love our friends. We love our life. Good night.


20 thoughts on “OMG

  1. Wow, Nice you guys are ten steps ahead of us. Have you posted a floor plan anywhere? I am really curious now after seeing the placement of your containers.

  2. THIS! May be the coolest entry so far 🙂 So STOKED for you!!! Looks AWESOME! 🙂

    Tracey in VA

  3. Wanted to pick your brain about your land, Square footage and other considerations, local sewer or septic system?

  4. Looks amazing and I’m confused. It looks like 3 containers. I know you cut on in half. Can you explain how you got to the U shape with 2 containers?

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