Keepin’ Movin’

Well, one day down and the house is still standing. That’s a good start I suppose…

Welding of the containers together was scheduled to start today. With our welder under the weather though, that plan has been pushed to tomorrow. We had a few more friends and family members stop by today, allowing us to excitedly give our first handful of house tours. Ryan’s parents offered a couple of great floor plan change ideas. We are thinking them over and seeing what we can/can not scoot around before the framing fun begins.

This coming week we will focus on bringing in back fill and then pouring our concrete slab. We would like to begin framing by the second week in April so we need that slab to get started on its setting.

We’re still buzzing a bit. It’s been a lot of freakin work to get to this point.  There’s a lot of freakin work left to go so tonight…deep breaths, sleep, and finding joy in our accomplishments.

Did I mention we had fudgecicles yesterday? That was also a major highlight…

photo by Paul Howey
photo by Paul Howey


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