Spring Snow

Tomorrow was going to be the day we filled the center of our home with recycled concrete aggregate. Unfortunately after getting the crane stuck, my welder spinning his truck out like CRAZY in our front yard, and the snow we just got today… the dump truck won’t do it. Go figure. The temperature will also be freezing all night and into the morning, so I can not do any digging tomorrow as the ground will be frozen most of the day.

Instead of taking tomorrow off I switched it to Thursday so that I can dig out the hole for our temporary electric pole… have it inspected by the city… have our electrician put in the meter and some outlets… and get the power company 2 run the wire and switch it on. YAY!

Cant wait to have power so we can get back 2 welding and cant wait to have backfill so we can get the slab poured. God has put another pause on our project…. time for us to take a deep breath and let it be.

On another note… kind of exciting… we have another article published in a BIG blog! Check it out – http://www.offthegridnews.com/2014/03/25/is-this-the-most-affordable-off-grid-home

2 thoughts on “Spring Snow

  1. recycled concrete aggregate, wow. I tried looking for that about a year ago for a road base to no avail. is it really broken up concrete slab down to 1.5″ rock? if so would you mind sharing the source.

    thanks rafael

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