So we figured out the confusion surrounding the temporary electric situation. The city of Asheville now provides a total of 7 inspections and temporary electric is to be paired with one of those 7 (most often the foundation inspection). Since we hadn’t been notified of all this, they came out today and we got our green slip…PASS!

Tomorrow Ryan will have a meeting with a local materials company to come up with a comprehensive quote on framing and roofing supplies.

Come Wednesday, Ryan and our welder will utilize a come alongindex to pull the two 20 foot containers back to center. They shifted about 1/2″ in the cutting, moving, placing process.

Thursday is the scheduled backfill delivery date. Hoping for dry weather, dry ground, easy pour.

I’m hoping to lend a hand where needed, start painting the containers and begin shining up our spiral staircase.

So that’s the plan, let’s get to it!

2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. We used to call that a fence stretcher, but it was useful for so many things. Same for the “farmer’s jack”, used to pull fence posts, pull stubborn bushes out, life things like a shed while you put new supports under it! Hahaha. My favorite tool is a “Farmer’s Friend” a wicked looking machete looking thing with a hook on the end. Used to use it on burdock.

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