True Story

What. A. Day. Sunshine, park playing, more fudgecicles. Yes. Life is good.

One aspect that we hope to tactfully approach in our book is how building your home affects your life. There’s the good, the not so good and just about everything in between. I have found the whole thing to be much like pregnancy and childbirth. Those who have made it to the other side tell you alot. But alot of that alot is through some rosey hindsight specs.

I think building a house together should almost be a prerequisite for marriage. You get to see your partner ecstatic, exhausted and borderline-nuts, sometimes all within the same 24 hour period. You get to work together, disagree, argue it out and compromise. The journey is sweet, but you have to work a bit to make it so.

I was happy to stumble upon this article…nothing mind blowing, just some simple reminders on how to stay connected, stay sane and enjoy the ride.

Our home building breaks usually revolve around The Daily Show. So, without further adieu…


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