Back-Fill time…

Hello there! Ryan here, posting up for the day.

Today consisted of having the power company come out (finally) and install our temporary electric power! Weeehoo! 5 days late. Wish there was another option for power in our city… but Duke/Progress is the only option here. Can you say Monopoly?

photo 2
I also spent the day purchasing over $400 of 2″thick rigid insulation for below our slab and cutting it up. Apparently you have to have a minimum 2ft. of CONTINUOUS insulation horizontally or vertically on all 4 sides of your slab for code.

photo 1
We have a strange situation with the way the containers sit above our foundations block wall. There is a gap between the containers and the wall, and were considering (once again) doing a page_002b“Waffle Slab” or “Reinforced Slab” for structural support (see example on left). I would personally feel more comfortable knowing that the slab was not “floating” in the middle of our block wall, but that it was supported by the block wall itself.

Either way, tomorrow we must rent a tamper as the first dump-truck full of “recycled concrete aggregate” back-fill from Hedrick arrives @ 9:30am. Fingers and toes crossed for a smooth and easy day of back-filling for the slab!

P.S. – We now have an “official” Vimeo page! Check it out:



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