photo 3Today was a long day. Thus…. short post.

Rented a Ram-Tamper early this morning so that we would be ready for the dump-trucks and backfill to be delivered. Re-evaluated continuous slab insulation issue with Matt from HEWN, then installed rigid insulation while waiting for the first dump-truck to arrive.

After the first load, Brook and I found out the hard way (2 hours of digging/wheel-burrowing/raking) that a Bobcat is REQUIRED for back-filling. $400 and 2 hours later we had one on site. Unfortunately by this point almost 1/2 the day was already gone. With the rest of the day we got a total of three dump-truck loads full of backfill delivered, and tamped. This got us almost 1/2 the way done with the back-fill and given the fact that we will need to rent this Bobcat once again… way over budget for the backfill. Luckily I had a BLAST driving it around!

photo 2photo 1

photo 1
The day finished up with Jason starting to grind out Soleil’s bedroom window hole, and me landscaping the back-yard. Its pretty flatish. And on that note… goodnight.

photo 2


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