In the world of home building, you never know exactly what adventure you’ll wake up to. We were a little bummed Thursday photo 1(8) (1)evening when we were left with a half complete gravel fill. Around 9:00 this morning we got a phone call from a truck driver Ryan had met way back. He asked us if we wanted to get the rest of the gravel and finish off the job. Generally the quarry is closed on weekends, but as the truck driver explained to us, the Blue Ridge Parkway is being worked on and so the quarry was open until 1:00 today. We dropped all plans and within ten minutes had ordered three truckloads of gravel, re-rented the Bobcat and tamper ram, and oriented ourselves in this new direction. I had to run off to work, so it was all on Ryan to knock it out. He did an AMAZING job. We are now so much closer to pouring our center slab. Hoo. 3(6) (1)

We also made a Craigslist purchase that we are so excited about. Ladies and gents, meet our sleek, handsome, gently used Vogelzang Mountaineer!photo 2(5) (1)



The day ended with a soak in the YMCA hot tub. Gross? Yes. Awesome? Yep.

photo 4(4) (1)


2 thoughts on “Productivity!

  1. SUPER STOKED for you! 🙂 A little stove black will make that little feller good as new! I recently trade a tiny antique pickup for seventy labor hours of help in downsizing my stuff. Been sorting, packing and pitching like a crazy woman, getting ready for my transition to a tiny house at or about my 50th birthday. Just love following each step of your journey on this project! Maybe you should work a wood fired hot tub of your own into the plans? 😉

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