Hello there,

Today we picked up some wood cabinets from a friend re-modeling a 100+ year old home. We tested them with a lead-testing kit to make sure the paint was not lead paint and glad to say it is not! We will be using these cabinets for our kitchen… either the bar or the island… maybe a bit of them for both! Since this is where our minds are at the moment we wanted to share some pictures of ideas we like for the kitchen cabinets. Enjoy and goodnight!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Counters

  1. I’d love that… lovely. Bless you for restoring the farmhouse’s wood into something lovely. I love to hear stories about salvaging turn-of-the-century homes and buildings instead of burning or bulldozing them. I’ve helped with Iowa City’s Project Green, where the city has laws about allowing the option of salvaging building and homes of a certain age and older. Wonderful architectural treasures are offered in Project Green’s warehouse. The profits go back into beautifying the city. Everyone wins!

  2. Hi, I love the image of the butcher block countertops and would like to use those in the tiny house I am designing. I’ve used IKEA butcher block counters before and they didn’t look as rich as this image–do you know any details like what type those are and how they were treated (i.e. were they stained or just heavily oiled)?

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