Go Big Or Go…Home?

Here’s the thing. We Americans are a funny species. Rarely are we content with where we are or what we have. The drive is often towards more, bigger, better. A few days ago, it was suggested to us that we raise the second story exterior walls a few additional feet. “The cost would be minimal, the exterior aesthetic would be improved, and you would have more storage space,” is what we were told. This was a simple suggestion made by a kind person, but I must say it caught me off guard. Why more storage? So we can fill more space with more stuff? I’m not saying that we will not consider this modification, but it has given us one of those moments to stop and re-assess. This home is about a shift away from excess. It is about simple. Minimal. Less time with our stuff and more time with each other and the world outside of our house. Either way, I am grateful for these little opportunities to re-connect with our intentions.

On another note, I’ve begun Pinteresting again. As long as you can keep from getting completely sucked in, it really is a convenient way to collect your inspirations and to assess the trends that make up your preferred aesthetic. And speaking of preferred aesthetic, I’m still trying to figure out what the heck mine is. Simple. I know I like simple.

simple (via designsponge.com)

2 thoughts on “Go Big Or Go…Home?

  1. I joined this blog hoping to learn more about the trials and tribulations of making shipping containers into a home. While I enjoy your comments about your daily lives, you have strayed, I feel, too far into sentimentality, and too far from the “nuts and bolts” of the project. I fear I have learned only one concrete, useful tip. I have to ask myself if it is worth my time to continue to receive your daily comments.

  2. Hi Barb. Our goal is to jot down at least one thing every day. There are many days where nothing is going on directly with the home, but we still like to tune in. Our aim is to provide more than the ‘nuts and bolts’ of home building because those are the things no one talks much about. No worries at all if you wish to unsubscribe. Thanks for following us so far!

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