photo 1Asheville had a very strange weather day today… spotty rain with temperatures dropping as wind gusts blew in a cold front turning rain to snow!

In the construction world Brook and Soleil worked on our new kitchen cabinets, removing handles and hinges and sanding them in preparation for a new coat of paint!

Michael and I finished screwing in the footers for the wall and put the lumber in place for tomorrows framing. We got the header lumber delivered today and plotted where the window panes will be going in our 40ft wall above the container.

photo 2photo 3Tomorrow will consist of Michael, Matt, and I framing up the 40ft wall piece by piece vertically as we must cut every 2×6 independently given the shims made the containers cattywompus. FYI for those who missed last nights post… we did not need the shims as the foundation/sonotubes were level. A mis-calibrated laser level is what we are blaming this mistake on and we must move forward with framing. Wish us luck and Gods speed in the chill of another strange weather April day!



4 thoughts on “April Snow

  1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear of you difficulties! I missed yesterday but went back to read it before this one… Guess you’re making stepping stones out of stumbling blocks 🙂 Good for you! Really enjoying reading of your adventures! 🙂

  2. I guess you’d have to rent a crane to be able to remove the shims. Oh well, the Tower of Pisa is still standing and is quite iconic! Maybe you’ll be in the history books.

    On another note, are the containers magnetic? Will you be able to hang Soleil’s drawings and other things with magnets? What fun that could be!

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