Today we built a wall.

photo 1We built a 40 foot long, 10 foot tall wall 0n top of a 9.5 foot tall shipping container which is suspended 8 ft in the air. With two 6 foot tall ladders.


Thank God we have two professional builders helping us with construction…. and both of them lack my fear of heights! We are also thankful for family and friends working along side us to build our home. Our community at Jubilee! Supports us 100%, our jobs are supporting us and standing behind us, and no matter what; the house that we are building is also building stronger ties for us with those around us. We love our home and we love those investing their time and energy to help us build it.

Thank you everyone!

By the end of the day we had our back 2nd story WINDOW-WALL constructed out of 2″x6″x10′ studs (for the most part). Footers in, studs in, headers (three) in and the King and Jack studs in. Tomorrow we will finish the wall… framing the window openings, putting in the cripple studs below, and our welder will be around as well. He will be grinding out our final window/door holes from the container walls and welding in the frames.


photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 1


3 thoughts on “Walls

  1. Hey Ryan do you still want the top shelves? Sounds like the bottom ones worked in their painting in them
    see you soon

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