photo 1Some days just leave you unexpectedly lonely.

From time to time priorities stray from intentions. Today was one of those days. Brook and Soleil spent 6 hours in a car on the way 2 visit family at moments notice this morning. Both framers assisting with the walls had intentions to work with me on the walls today after lunch… but both were tied up finishing other jobs. Thus me myself and I decided to go get windows and block.

Today I decided to de-construct a bit and pick up the final pieces for our slab.

photo 3I dropped by a kind soul’s home and took out four small windows (operable and double paned) from a trailer scheduled for demolition. These windows will go in the top walls of our home. I also picked up 40 seconds (Cinder Blocks that were bought by someone, taken to a job, and were extra, so they were brought back and soled for 1/2 price) and enough welded wire mesh complete the slab.

photo 2At this point we need to lay two more courses (rows) of block to complete the front wall, pick up some more backfill and hand-tamp it down to complete the backfill, drill holes in the 3″ ventilation pipes and connect them together, run them the full length of the slab and under a container to the outside wall for Radon ventilation, lay the vapor barrier (billboards) on top of the backfill and radon pipes, and then put down the chairs/seats and lay the welded wire mesh on top of them. Then… FINALLY… it will be time to pour the concrete! This will all happen over the next week. For now… framing.

photo 4Tomorrow the plan is: Finish framing the back 40ft wall, weld the two 20ft containers to the 40ft container, and get a start on framing the left and right walls above the containers. Fingers crossed I can get another course of block laid before the sun set as well 😉

Night night


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