photo 2What a day what a day! This morning started out with a radio interview for a new show called “The Regeneration Station” on 1350 WZGM. It is hosted by my close friend Tyler (owner of The Regeneration Station business) will be on the air this coming Thursday @ 4pm so please tune in if you live in Western North Carolina!

Next I met up with Michael at the container’s. He put in the cripple studs below and above the window pane openings in the 40ft wall toady as I laid the 2nd course of cinder blocks. Jason (our welder) picked up the $200 extension chord we had to buy for his welder and welded steel U’s onto the middle inside, top rail of the 40 foot container and one to each of the inside corners of the top rails of the 20 foot containers. He did this so that we could attach a come-along to these U’s and pull the 20 foot containers 1/8″ over to make them perfectly square…. but first he had to grind the braces out of the inside of the containers. This took a long time to do…

photo 5photo 5photo 1photo 4









photo 2Oh yeah… I also picked up 3/4 of a Ton of recycled concrete aggregate backfill from the North Buncombe Quarry. We want to have everything ready for the inspector by Tuesday if possible as we would like to pour the slab on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we will lay the last course of block for our foundation… shovel in the backfill… weld the containers together… and finish framing out the back wall.



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