3rd Course Laid

Happy Easter everyone! I got to enjoy it with my parents who drove in to see me for the weekend. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well and that you are ready and rested up for the beautiful new week ahead!

photo 1Today was a successful day. I am FINALLY done with masonry! I laid the last course of block for the front wall of our house. It’s not perfect, but luckily it will have a concrete slab sitting on top of it so it doesn’t have to be. I backed the truck down in the front yard (same place the crane got stuck) and shoveled out the 3/4 ton of backfill over the block wall. We will need more, but now I have an empty truck to go get more with!

The concrete guys have Wed. free to pour/finish our slab, so we would really like to have everything ready to go (and inspected) by the end of Tuesday. On that subject I also drilled holes at every 6″ in the 3″ PVC pipe we are using for our Radon mitigation system (under the slab). I am going to run two pipes across the slab evenly placed and put caps on the end of each. I will then connect them with a L fitting to another pipe… and run these two pipes into a T fitting. I will run a PVC pipe from this T fitting under the container all the way to the outside wall. This way if our home tests positive for Radon after we get the CO then all we have to do it hook up a fan to the end of the pipe and were good 2 go. Better safe then sorry!photo 4

photo 3


The last thing I did today was grind off some remaining rust on the top left edge of the 20′ container. This is where we will be framing our next wall and I want it to be ready.

Whelp… that’s it for me tonight. As a last thought I would like to share this with you all. Life is a gift and this amazing video shows why:




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