Hand-Tamping Sucks.

photo 1Today we completed the back 40ft. framed wall (on top of the 40ft container). I cut the last pieces of rigid foam insulation for the inside of the block wall and unloaded another ton of backfill up to the top of the block wall. My hands HATE ME for hand-tamping the backfill… but buying a hand tamper is a LOT cheaper then renting a gas powered tamper!

photo 2photo 3

photo 4photo 5











Tomorrow I must complete everything for the slab so that I can have it inspected by the city on Wed. and we can pour the slab on Thursday.

Short post tonight as I am EXHAUSTED.



2 thoughts on “Hand-Tamping Sucks.

  1. Mix a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oil into a couple tablespoons of coconut oil… put it in an old lotion container or something… slather onto your hands and wear socks over them to sleep in… Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell girly… a little medicinal maybe 🙂 but it REALLY helps…

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