Inspection Tomorrow

photo 1Today consisted of yet ANOTHER two loads of backfill… that comes to 4 total truck loads full to top off the 20’x24′ slab. Hand tamped down… then I dug out two trenches for the radon mitigation pipes.

I laid the 3″ PVC pipes (the ones with holes in them every 6″) in the trenches. Then it got dark. I put up some lights and kept on going! I cut out a small section of the bottom C rail on one of the 20ft containers and ran a pipe through the hole. I got out the cleaner, glue, and attachment pieces and stuck all the pipes together. photo 3I wrapped the pipes with holes in them with silt fabric. This prevents dirt from get in the holes and clogging up the pipe. Then I covered the pipes and tamped all around.

Finally I cut out the billboards that were given to us. We are using these old billboards for our vapor barrier. Just finished putting them in place @ 11pm.

photo 4

Once again… EXHAUSTED and ready for bed. Tomorrow the city and our engineer will both be checking out the slab prep work. If we get approval (a green card) we will be pouring the slab on Thursday! Wish us luck.

photo 5


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