Green or Red?

By tomorrow evening, I’ll be posting again from Asheville. Today was my grandfather’s beautiful service, tomorrow we’ll be putting some miles down on 81. So grateful for the time Soleil and I have been able to spend with family and so proud of Ryan for the crazy hard work he has done while we’ve been gone.

photo 2(6)After completely filling and tamping, Ryan laid down the vapor barrier (two billboards) and the welded wire mesh. Once the concrete is poured, that mesh will be lifted so that it solidifies into the center of the slab and provides additional strength.

While Ryan worked away on prepping the slab, Michael finished framing the left upper wall and Jason finished welding the containers to one another.

photo 5(4)photo 3(7)


As you all know, today was double inspection day. Verdict? Pass and Pass! Green means go and that means slab pour at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. So proud of everyone who has been putting their sweat, time and brain power into this phase of the project.


2 thoughts on “Green or Red?

  1. … and once the slab is in and the outside walls are up… it’ll start feeling like a real house! So excited for y’all. I don’t even wait to see your updates on my wall now, I just put this site in my favorite places and check it every night 🙂 Happy Trails!

    1. Thank you for all of the encouragement Tracey!!! It is starting to feel real for sure. We are so grateful to our loyal readers and supporters…we never could have known how much we would need you!

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