A Dab Of Slab

Aaaaah. After half a day’s travel, me and my little buddy are back in Asheville. We could hardly wait to see all the progress on the new abode.

The big pour happened at the butt crack of dawn this morning. It appears to have gone smoothly…it’s quite a beautiful slab. Tomorrow, the concrete finishers will be back to cut the expansion joints. We decided to create a large square pattern which we will later grout, creating a tile-like appearance.

photo 1(10)photo 3(8)






photo 4(6)photo 1(11)






Michael Wray, owner of Creative Carpentry and Woodscapes, continued framing on the upper right side of the home today.  If you are building in the Asheville area, this is your dude.photo 3(9)

Jason Emory continued welding today. If you need anything melted, welded, or fabricated in the Asheville area, this is your dude.

photo 5(5)




If we look at EVERYTHING there is left to do, it’s a bit overwhelming. So instead, bird by bird. A million ‘one little steps’ have got us to this point, a million more ‘one little steps’ will get us to the next.

For now, a little happy dance for the slab!

photo 4(8)



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