Time For The Woods

Ryan and I have another toddler-free night so we’re about to rush out the door so we can sleep in a hammock in the woods.

This morning Ryan began measuring our furniture and appliances, plotting the measurements and cutting them out of cardboard. This will allow us to figure out some spacial situations. Most importantly, it will help us plot where to install the chimney for our wood burning stove.

I had high hopes of making big leaps with my kitchen counter/cabinet project, but I ran into a few obstacles. To console myself, I took a three hour break and drank a cappuccino.







I was able to start filling the gaps on the counters. I’ll sand down the wood filler tomorrow and then see how the first coat of stain turns out.

For the cabinets, I’m switching from an acrylic/primer combo to oil as I realized today that the current paint is oil based.

Alright, see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Time For The Woods

  1. OMG! Hammock campers! I have found kindred spirits! 🙂 It’s still a *bit* too cold at night for that yet, here at least, as it’s going down to about 40 tonight – though heaven knows I’ve been tempted the last few weeks… But I have two hooks screwed into opposite walls in my bedroom and sleep in a hammock every night 🙂 and have for over five years! I have several, but the one in the bedroom is a Yukon Outfitter, I keep an ENO pronest and a portable stand for traveling, and another Yukon Outfitter with attached bug netting for camping out. I adore my hammocks, and have eliminated all previous back and leg pain by sleeping in them year round. Glad you two are getting in some relaxation time 🙂

    1. It was so nice to sleep in the fresh air, nestled between mountains and next to the French Broad River. Our ENO did good. Took me awhile to warm up, but eventually I did and slept like a baby 🙂 I’m convinced. We need hammocks all throughout the container home!

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