Figuring Things Out

Sleeping outside in a hammock is very magical…especially when you live in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. We are so imagesgrateful for the hills, streams and trees that make up our landscape.

Our conversations over the past couple of days have revolved around budget. We’re currently maxed and a wee bit over. If we hold too tightly to our vision of a perfectly complete home, we could end up pretty screwed. But, if we accept that our home might be live-ably incomplete come move in day, we’re back on track. We have made a list of projects that could be put on hold, but that will not hold us back from obtaining our certificate of occupancy. The guest bathroom is one of these items. We also have decided to leave the container doors of our bedroom attached and operable. Instead of removing them. framing out a wall, etc., we will simply insulate the doors (at least for now) and let them be. There are a number of smaller tasks that we have also put the hold button on. If we’re able to do it all, great. But if not, we feel much better knowing there’s a plan B and C in place.

Today we laid out our cardboard couch and figured out where our wood burning stove will be installed. We went with the living room area, just to the right as you enter the front door. This seems to be not only the most functional location, but also the most economical as we will need minimal piping with this particular placement.

We re-visited Lowe’s and among many other things, walked away with a foundation sealing product. We got word that new code says you must seal concrete foundations such as ours. I’ll be slabbing a thick coat of this stuff all the way around the cinder block wall tomorrow morning.

Sleep sounds real nice…be back tomorrow.


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