Chock Full

The last couple of days have felt like not-as-productive-as-we-would-have liked kind of days. But, not today. Today was full of hustle, hard work and visible accomplishsments. We are so grateful to Ryan’s parents for watching Soleil while we knock out some big “to do’s.”

This morning I set out to waterproof the front wall of our foundation. This product goes on painfully thick and slow…P1040738






After two coats, the end result…P1040741


Michael, Paul and Matt continued setting rafters. Seriously hard work and they’re doing a seriously awesome job.







I spent the afternoon in the depths of our basement, continuing on with my kitchen cabinet mission.

Making progress…

P1040731Finally, Ryan was out until dark installing hurricane clips on the rafters.

It has certainly been a full one. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings and what we might bring to tomorrow. G’night!


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