Some mornings you hit the ground running and some mornings you just sort of hit the ground. Needing a change of pace from cabinet rehab, I set out to get some paint on the containers. Ryan helped set me up on the left side of the house–ladder, paint, Penetrol, gloves, etc.. We both photo 4decided the right side of the left exterior wall would be a good place to start. About two hours in, after having removed multiple stickers and painted up most of the right side, I realized I was painting over container metal that had not been sanded. “Why would I have not sanded this section?,” I asked myself. “Oh yeaaaaaaaaah…this whole section is being cut out because a GIANT window goes here.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Alright, so what good came from these “wasted” hours and materials? It was a good reminder to begin every task with clarity and focus. It also gave me some good practice working with a tall ladder and how to properly brace that ladder on the inclining land.

The dudes worked hard on finishing up the rafters and eaves. They also got started on the sheeting.

photo 2

photo 1






Ryan has been a bit obsessed with keeping our job site as tidy possible. This evening, we cleaned house together. That was nice.

photo 5Tomorrow will bring more sheeting. We’re collecting a few quotes for metal roofing…$3,000-$4,000 seems to be what we’re looking at. I have never seen so many dollars go so fast.



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