Progress Report

It was warm and beautiful in Asheville today. This whole week has been just about perfect for putting a roof on a 1(16)

This morning we received a big ole delivery of lumber for interior framing.

Flashing was installed…

photo 2(10)The rest of the ZIP system went up, the black felt vapor barrier was installed, and Ryan pretended to install the front doors.

photo 5(8)

Tomorrow we are aiming to cut out the interior doors. Because the bedrooms are so small, this takes meticulous measuring and planning. Kids, pay attention in math. You might try to build a house one day.

A big thanks for ALL of the helping hands this week. Many steps ahead, but these past few days have been mighty productive.

Good night all!


2 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. I am running out of ways to say, “super-awesomely-cool” 😉 … You’ll be done by the time I get started on my tiny home… but right now I’m in the “clear clutter, pay off all debt, and pick-a-shed-to-build-it-out-of” stage. Your build is inspirational. Thanks for the daily updates.

    1. Thank you so much Tracey! It is so helpful to have such amazing support and encouragement. You’re in a great phase of your project. In many ways, all that prep work is the hardest part, but so crucial for a successful build. Thank you again fro reading and keeping up with us!

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