Three Doors Down

My oh my. These bones is weary. This morning Ryan took off early to pick up a truck load of gravel for our newly created drainage photo 1(17)system. Somehow I ended up not only shoveling out the gravel, but then shoveling hard-as-heck red earth on top of the gravel. I demanded a nice dinner out. It’s all good now.

photo 4(12)A super exciting part of our day was coming home to see three bedroom doorways cut out of the interior container walls. Jason did an amazing job. We are super thankful that just before the cuts, he noticed that the edges of our doors would be matching up with the indented part of the corrugation in the metal. This would mean you could see right into the rooms from the sides of the doors. We’re not a very modest trio, but I’m sure our guests will appreciate a little privacy. Moving the doors slightly over now allows for a flush meeting of door to wall. Again, all three bedroom doors will be on a wheel and rod system.

photo 3(15)


photo 2(11)


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