Friends Rock

This morning we ran in circles attempting to purchase all of the hardware for our rolling doors. Lowe’s had this piece, but not that. Home Depot had that piece, but not this. We got hungry. And Fussy. So we put that project on pause and moved on. Well, I ate a bag of M&M’s, took a nap, and then moved on.

Around noon, our friend Sean drove in from Johnson City. The last time he lent us a hand, we were pouring our footers…in the dark. He was SO helpful then and he was SO helpful today. Thank you Sean!

There was hours of grinding…

photo 1(18)
Removing metal hooks
photo 2(12)
Shining up the floors






The super sticky ZIP tape went up and I rolled out some paint!photo 4(13)

photo 3(16)











5 thoughts on “Friends Rock

    1. Hi Heather! Every city/county has its own rules and regs.. The thing about containers is that they naturally supersede most building codes–fire, weight bearing, etc.. If your plans are signed by your engineer, then your plans should be accepted by your city.

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