Hi world! We wish all of our care-giving readers a most wonderful Mother’s Day. I had a wonderful one filled with sunshine, family, yummy food and special gifts. Feelin’ the love.

In between moments of celebration we worked in a fair amount of ‘home-work’. Ryan and Sean framed the entire back wall of the 40 foot container. This was a big task and they did a beautiful job.

Once Soleil was asleep, I sneaked downstairs to continue on with my kitchen counter adventure. One coat of bar-top sealant down, two to go. When I began this (not so little) project, I was set on replacing the old drawer pulls with new, modern ones. Finally, it hitphoto 1(19) me that this was pretty silly and that just like the cabinets and counters, I should just give them a little make over. Since we’re still planning on the penny floor, I’m painting all of the pulls and hinges Antique Copper.

image(1)We’re going to use the rest of the evening to discuss options for siding. Hope you all wake up to the beginning of a great week!


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