Hello Bloggers,

Long day with no photos to show for it… so short blog.

Today I finished framing up the 40 foot container (left wall, back, and right wall flat framed with 2×4’s). Tomorrow I will put a dent in Soleil and the guest bedrooms wall framing. After framing we will install windows and have everything inspected before starting on the electric/plumbing. We will also be moving forward with putting on our metal roof as soon as we get the metal.

More (with photos) tomorrow! G’-night.


2 thoughts on “Long Day

  1. Can’t wait to see photos! Ya’ll are kickin’ it! Sleep well… sounds like another busy day tomorrow. — TraceyinVA (65 degrees in Staunton tonight — sleepin’ out in the hammock tonight. Every night this summer if I can manage it 🙂 )

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