Yaaaaaawn. I am just waking up from a late evening nap…a rarity and indulgent gift these days. Sorry no photos, but here’s a few things that are going down:

– The metal roofing has been ordered and should arrive within the next 10 days. We are so excited to be working with Best Buy Metals!

– Jason, our welder man, cut out the  huge picture window in our bedroom. He also cut out the area for the washer and dryer, did a ton of welding, and ordered the metal for our third (the one we just found out we needed) master bedroom window.

– After talking with our heating and cooling man, Brenden Barrett, we have decided to switch up the mini-split plan a wee bit. Instead of purchasing two separate 30 ton outside units (each with 2 inside units), we are going to purchase one 5 ton outdoor unit. We will install the two indoor units in the common space of the home (probably one in the kitchen area and one in the living room). Brenden is confident that given the size and layout of the house, this should provide plenty of heating and cooling. Additionally, it will save us some money which is a huge benefit at this point in the game.

– It is appearing that hiring a team of drywall pros is probably the best way to go. This seems to be one of those DIY’s that, for us at least, would not result in a huge financial savings. Time is also of the essence at this point and we need to be smart about which projects to hand off.

Finally, we are excited to have been invited to be guest speakers for Asheville Green Drinks.  This is a pretty awesome organization that hosts weekly gatherings, each centered around a sustainable or environmental cause, organization, etc.. Drinking beer and figuring out how to help the planet…does it get much better?

Good night, ya’ll.





2 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Paying drywall people will be THE BEST money you’ve ever spent. They are so skilled at their craft that the work comes out perfect, and they are FAST… within just a few days the change is so phenomenal that you will be blinking in place like a Furby 🙂 When my ex and I built our house we did a lot of work ourselves, electrical, insulation etc… but we paid a drywall team and it was awesome. One word of advice — after all the plumbing and electrical and insulation is done, right before the drywall people come, take that camera of yours and snap a boring picture of every single section of every single wall. Boring for the blog, but moving forward you will know exactly where every single wire, pipe, and drainage line are located… It will be invaluable for future changes or even figuring out where to hammer a nail. In-valuable… Love watching your progress! 🙂

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