BIG window

photo 5Today consisted of picking up a sink (more info tomorrow), grinding some floors, Rustoleuming some stuff (u-hooks, welds, door openings, etc), staining soffits, and moving lumber. We now have the 2×4’s for the rest of our framing in our living room.

photo 2Jason welded in the GIANT frame for the picture window in our bedroom yesterday and we finished Rustoleuming it up today (primer that stops and prevents future rust).

In other news we are pretty sure we will be getting ONE Mini-Split for our home with dual zones. This will save us some $$ and should be more than we need to heat and cool our home. Pretty sure we will be going for this one: 60,000BTU

Heres a door opening we grinded and clear-coated:

photo 1








AAAAAnd here is the wood we moved inside:

photo 3










photo 4OH YEAH! I forgot that we cut off one of the closing pole/hinges from the left door to our master bedroom so that we can cut out the hole for the window we will be framing into the door… have to have Egress in a bedroom… good thing we have some extra windows and enough door space 2 fit one in!

Goodnight everyone. Explanations about the sink tomorrow!

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