farms and sinks and stuff

Yesterday, we took a sweet little ride in the big red truck to Canton, a quaint town just outside of Asheville. Our friend is fixing up this charming 100 year old 2(15) This home sits beautifully on three acres of land, comes with a chicken coop, garage, pigsty, and an AMAZING barn! Oh, and its on the market for an exceptional price, so pack up your bags, fall in love with Western North Carolina, and buy this house.

Out of this old farmhouse came the kitchen cabinets that I’ve been working on and yesterday we were gifted with this treasure. I should be staying busy and out of trouble for quite some time.

photo 3(20)We’re trying to think of how to go about this one. The sink is pretty amazing. The cabinets and bottom structure are made of metal and there is a good amount of rust. If our back wall consists of counter space, a refrigerator, and an oven, then perhaps we could build this sink into the kitchen island/bar. I’m confident we’ll figure something out. We are so grateful for the kindness and generosity of the people around us.

I had a long work day today, Soleil went to her grandparent’s farm, and Ryan accomplished a good amount on the house. First, he cut out the egress window in our bedroom…

photo 3(19)

photo 1(23)A number of other grinding projects were taken on and he ended the day with some framing.

A big thanks for sticking with us. Your interest, suggestions, and encouragement has been an unplanned/unforeseen well of energy and support. Have a great night ya’ll!




9 thoughts on “farms and sinks and stuff

  1. My uncle’s house that we lived in for a while when I was a teen (our house burned down) had one of this type sink. I LOVED it. He also had built a custom cutting board that went over either side of the sink to expand his counter space since sometimes having the slanted/drainer type counters made it harder to work with. Sort of how campers and RV’s have cutting boards to cover the sink and add to counter space. It might be something to think about.

  2. Great suggestion!! I know exactly what you’re talking about with the camper sink setup. We’ll keep you posted. I hope we can work the sink into the plans because its so beautiful!

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