Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone. We would like to start this post with a pause to honor all Americans who have died while in military service protecting freedom and democracy around the World.

– Thank you Veterans –

sofit%20vinyl%20metal%20installation15Today we decided on our soffiting.  Choices included wood, aluminum, or vinyl. This was a hard decision. We do not like vinyl… we do not like the look or its negative environmental/health effects. We like the look of wood, but don’t like the extra work it will take to use it and the SWARMS of carpenter bees around out house. We like the look of Aluminum, but do not like the ease of denting it, its cost, or the negative health/environmental impacts of its creation. There are positive and negatives for all options… but out of the three… we have decided to use vinyl. Its positive qualities (in our situation) out-weigh its negative ones. You can read more about the generalized positives vs. negatives of vinyl here.

Z 4525 RT_cut outThe top 3 reasons we decided to go with vinyl: weight, money, and time. One person will be holding it up-side down 30-ft in the air from a Genie-Lift. If we used wood it is double the price and quadruple the work. We would have to drill holes and insert puck-vents, seal them with silicone, seal/paint the wood, etc. It would take a very very long time and we would always be worrying about carpenter bees. Wood is also MUCH heavier to lift and hold into place as you nail it up-side down from a lift. Secondly we are all about re-use and just found all the soffit materials we need on Craigslist re-used.

photo 1In other news Brook and her father gave one of the 20-ft walls in our living room and Soleils bedroom wall two coats of mat-white paint today! The third coat tomorrow should be all those walls need.

photo 2Jason welded the remainder of the U-bolts into place on top of the 20-ft container walls in the living room, and he welded the frame together for our window door in our master bedroom. He also welded the frame into the door! That man works HARD.

photo 4We had treated sixty 1″ x 4″ x 16′ pearlings delivered by 84 Lumber yesterday… but after discussing this with Michael, (owner of Creative Carpentry And Woodscapes) and then calling Best Buy Metal Roofing, we were informed that the chemicals in treated lumber would eat away the screws and possibly even the metal roof. Thus Michael made two trips and picked up UN-treated pearlings from 84 lumber so that we would have them ready for tomorrow. He also marked out the positions for the pearlings we will be putting on the roof tomorrow with me and went over all the materials we received from Best Buy Metal Roofing. We are so lucky to have Michael on the job.

Galvalume_lgThe 36′ lengths of Galvalume snap-lock standing seam roof are sitting on railroad ties in our front yard… ready for installation after the pearlings go on. We will start lifting them onto the roof on Monday! Best Buy Metal Roofing provided us with EXCEPTIONAL service. They are extremely friendly to deal with and delivered top-notch roofing within days of placing our order. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants an amazing roof on their home delivered by top-notch professionals.

Tomorrow… pearlings.



2 thoughts on “White Walls

  1. What are all of the U bolts for again? I musta missed that part… Fresh paint makes everything seem fresh and bright and happy, doesn’t it? I am lovin’ following your journey. Can’t wait to start my own…

    1. U-hooks are simply for hanging stuff…hammocks, art, etc 🙂 The white walls are making us very happy. Thank you for continuing to follow, keep us up to date on your adventure!!

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