photo 1Today began with six helping hands which turned into 8 helping hands by the middle of the day!

Thanks Michael, Jason, Alex, and Tim for all your had work on that HOT roof today. We got all the purlins on (yeah… been spelling that word wrong for months now). Thanks for correcting my errors all the way round Michael from Creative Carpentry and Woodscapes! Glad you fixed my red diamond mistake today before we cut a roof panel in half… or two. Also glad I never have 2 remember that stupid 100ft tape trick again.

Another awesome Michael suggestion… we built a roof panel shoot from old pipes that we pulled out of a dumpster (thanks Matt from Hewn inc. for the helping hand with these things. Not sure how else I would have gotten them over 2 our place!). We got about 1/3 of the roofing panels screwed down over the course of the day.

photo 4

photo 2

Tomorrow we should be able to finish up the entire roof (including the trim)! We are simply awaiting another delivery by Best Buy Roofing before we can complete the job. Confident they will deliver the required materials tomorrow!

photo 5

Thanks for reading and enjoy the evening.

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